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See How Nigerians Are Reacting To Fr Mbaka’s Comment About Peter Obi Being Stingy

See How Nigerians Are Reacting To Fr Mbaka’s Comment About Peter Obi Being Stingy
Jun 7

See How Nigerians Are Reacting To Fr Mbaka’s Comment About Peter Obi Being Stingy

Nigerians have trooped out en mass to voice out what they feel about Fr Mbaka’s comment about Labour Party’s Presidential candidate, Peter Obi Being a stingy man who can never be President

9JALEVELS had reported that Mbaka, at his Adoration Ministry in Enugu State, declared that unless God ceases to exist, Obi would never smell the seat of the President.

According to him, it was better to have an old man as President than a ‘stingy young man’.

But reacting, some Nigerians were of the opinion that Mbaka made the declaration because he failed to manipulate Peter Obi to donate money to his church, others called on the Catholic Church authority to caution the cleric.

Here are some comments 9JALEVELS compiled from Twitter:



”On the 07/09/2021 His Excellency, Peter Obi donated ₦100m to Bishop Shanahan Hospital of Nursing and Midwifery, Nsukka. Enugu State. Yet Fr. Mbaka has the effrontery to tag Peter Obi stingy simply because Peter Obi refused to be emotionally blackmailed in 2018/2019 in his church.”


”Mbaka was not given money by Peter Obi some years ago. Show me a project where I will put money into and see the result. That’s all Peter Obi asked for. Till today Mbaka has refused to rest.”


”Truly this election is revealing.From pastors, priests, politicians, activists, everyone. Imagine Father Mbaka don’t want you to vote Peter Obi because he wasn’t successful in manipulating him into giving to his ministry with the name of God.God is alive.”


”Someone should tell the Catholic Bishops to please caution Rev Fr Mbaka to desist from attacking the person of Mr Peter Obi and face his ministry work.”


”Mbaka is a disgrace to the Catholic Church. It’s high time he chooses between either being a clergy or full time politician. It’s quite obvious that he’s lost his anointing as he has proven himself to be a lover of money even at the expense of misleading his gullible followers.”


”Even Fr Mbaka couldn’t push Peter Obi to do what he doesn’t want to do even when he told him God was involved and related it with winning election.Peter stood on his principles.SHI SHI we won’t give. His tenacity and articulated savviness is 100%.Competence!”


”I was born and brought up in the Roman Catholic church, I have so much respect for Rev fr Mbaka, But as it stands right now, even Pope Francis can’t tell me not to vote for Peter obi talkless of Fr Mbaka, the same man that told us to vote for Buhari.”


”Mbaka supported Buhari the worst president ever bcos they gave him money, Mbaka supported Hope Uzodinma because he got money from him, even if you are BH just give him money and he’ll support you. Nobody rate him again.”


”While other men of God are encouraging voting for the right candidate, mbaka is looking for who will buy our future with money.SHAMEFUL!”


”90% of Nigerians abroad became less religious immediately they traveled because the government of the country they reside in has already provided close to 100% of what they do fast & pray for. Same reason hy Mbaka prefers a bad leader,so that his religious business will keep booming.”

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