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9jalevels.com specializes itself in the online promotional aspect of upcoming urban releases. We have established ourselves, within the online community, in order to offer musicians, record labels, and managers our continuous experience, skills, and expertise that we have in the digital realm of music marketing. Our marketing campaigns use strategic methods which are set in place to effectively maximize exposure, build brand awareness, as well as creating a grassroots movement.

So what can we do for you?

  • Feature your songs on our site (currently getting  Over 500000 hits worldwide a month, and growing )
  • Get your own artist profile page on our site

So whats the cost for all this? NOTHING, its a FREE service

Send us a message  Music@9jalevels.com.ng

Call Us: +2348137877394

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FOR ADVERT PLACEMENT  Please send a mail to ads@9jalevels.com.ng


Unfortunately we cant just promote anyone, all artists that send in materials  go through a strict approval process where some of our team reviews your lyrics, vocals and quality. Its those factors that decide whether we promote you or not. If you are disapproved this doesn’t mean your not good enough, its just we feel that your work needs improvement before we can promote you.


If you want to make a complaint about any of our online services or if you think your or someone else’s intellectual property or other rights have been infringed by our online services you can do so by submitting full details by sending your email to dcma@9jalevels.com.ng


We are the trend of Internet promotion in Nigeria & Africa 

Thinking of Promoting your Song Online? – Your first choice should be 9jalevels.

We are the No. 1 Music & Entertainment platform in Nigeria – We take the Lead all year round 👑

9jalevels.com.ng is a Household name to reckon on the Internet when it comes to Music & Video Promotion in Nigeria.

Over the years we’ve generated over 1 Million Downloads promoting Nigerian Music & Video on the Internet.

Are you a MusicianRecord Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager?

Come let’s Showcase your song on our Platform and Experience the true effectiveness of Internet promotion you can’t get elsewhere except on 9jalevels.



▪️ Did you promise to take over and break boundaries this year? If Yes, you need to work with a Potent blog like us.

▪️ We know what works and what does not works when it comes to Online Promotion.

▪️ We are Nigeria’s No. 1 Music Blog (We are the First, the best, others follow obediently).

▪️ We have a Team of Dedicated Experts who will handle your promotion the way it should be handled to get excellent results.

▪️ We offer many other Promotional packages that will make your new song or next one a big hit song.

▪️ Want massive Downloads/Views for your new materials? We’ve Loyal Fans following our Music Section and Updates daily.

▪️ Remember, a good song without a good promotion is a big shit! We’ve millions of Fans home & abroad, let’s help you get your song/video to Million of Nigerians around the world easily.

Checkout our music promotion packages, and they more effective and powerful, read below:-

Below are our promo packages:-

Basic Package:- With this package, your music will be posted on 9jalevels.com and will also be shared on our twitter, and Facebook page. Whenever millions of music lovers come into 9jalevels looking for music to download, they’ll come across your music

Cost:- 3,000 Naira

Music advert package:- This is anew package introduced to replace the Standard and Premium package, this package carries both the power of the standard and premium package together and more, making this package more powerful, when you visit the music category of 9jalevels.com below the hottest songs, you’ll see a section with the title Promoted Song that is the Music advert, when millions of music lovers come to 9jalevels looking for music to download, your song on the Promoted Song section will be one of the first songs to welcome the music lovers, giving your music much more exposure, I hope you are happy with this new development, good…

See screenshot below…

How to start the music advert:- The music advert package cost, 2,000 Naira per week, your song must be on 9jalevels.com before you can go for the music advert package, if your song is not on 9jalevels.com, then you can pay 5,000 Naira for your song to be posted on 9jalevels and the music advert package will start for one week, after one week if you choose to renew the package, then you’ll have to pay 2,000 Naira for renewal, or you can pay for weeks ahead or months

Don’t delay, promote your music on 9jalevels.com now

Call | Whatsapp us on:- +2348137877394  Or  +2348118366237


As the Top Music & Entertainment website in Nigeria, we can offer you some very good advice that will change your Music career for the better.

We have seen it all, we understand everything about the Music industry. Also, based on our experience working with most Top Artistes, we know the best way to promote your Song.

If you have some time to spear, below is a link to some really nice articles that will change your life.


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My name is Okike Alex Obinna, Popularly known as "Levels" aka "9jalevels". I'm one among the Pro Blogger behind the Success of 9jalevels. Let's connect on social medias 👇
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My name is Okike Alex Obinna, Popularly known as "Levels" aka "9jalevels". I'm one among the Pro Blogger behind the Success of 9jalevels. Let's connect on social medias 👇


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