2023 Election: Is Tinubu’s Old Age A Testament Of Great Blessing?

We have been given the gift of old age by the Lord. Growing old should not be feared; in fact, it can be a great blessing because it allows you to reflect on your entire life experience. I’m going to look at Tinubu’s age through the eyes of critics who call him a “ancestor” today.

Let me begin by defining what constitutes a youth. A youth is a person under the age of eighteen who has not yet reached adulthood and refers to the time period preceding adulthood. For statistical purposes, the United Nations defines “youth” as people aged 15 to 24 years old, regardless of how other Member States define the term.

So, when I see my peers in their forties saying I am a youth and those in their fifties shouting Give youth a Chance, I wonder which concept of youth they are referring to: the 15- to 24-year-olds or the 40- to 50-year-olds.

So, if adults can call themselves youths, what do you think people in their sixties and seventies will say? I always tell people that hypocrisy runs through our blood because we tend to break the same standards we preach about so strongly. We pretend to be younger by claiming to be YOUTHS, but you don’t want the elderly to claim theirs.

Now, critics argue that Tinubu is too old to run for president and should instead rest and give the youths a chance. Again, the word youth comes up; I’m not sure if they mean that we should hand it on to someone in his late twenties or early thirties; I’m still perplexed by their use of the word youth. As long as they misuse the term “youth,” it will have an impact on the elders, turning them into young adults. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

So, let us look at governance and the criteria for administering excellent governance:

First, an eligibility test is administered, which may include the basic requirements to qualify for the next phase, such as gender, age, academic qualifications, health status, and so on.

Second, a competency exam is administered to assess who is qualified to be elected. This competency examination includes a variety of processes that are defined by the examiner. Depending on the standard for listing, this competency test may have several levels.

Finally , the top performance results are eventually granted a job placement or elected to represent the people.

In terms of the presidency, the INEC, relevant security authorities such as the EFCC, DSS, Police, and so on, the judiciary, political parties, health care, as well as any other organ competent to assess the eligibility of the competitor, are all involved.

After stating all of these facts, let us evaluate Tinubu’s eligibility. Since the organs above have the capacity to verify his health status, integrity, and so on, and not us, let us critically assess what is within our own powers to scrutinize.

Today, I’ll be writing about Tinubu’s political clout, his street credibility , and Biblical interpretations of his age. Actually, this post was prompted by a Whastapp response to an attack on Tinubu’s age.

When you reach old age, all of your desires have passed, a lifetime of experience has passed you by, and you are once again a child, but with the wisdom of life’s experience. It has the potential to be a very productive and enjoyable period of your life. During the APC primaries, Tinubu, who was accused of being an ancestor who was too old, defeated younger aspirants.

They think he’s too elderly, but he was the most visible presidential contestant across all political parties, touring around the country appealing for help from various interest groups. They say he’s too old, yet his credentials have never been equaled by so-called millennials or any so-called technocrat in government management.

They say he’s too old, but he’s still the most detribalized Nigerian to date, well liked across party lines; they say he’s too old, but Lagos, which he managed for eight years, is the safest state not just in terms of security but also in terms of investment. Lagos State prides itself on being Africa’s fifth largest economy.

In terms of political savvy and street credibility the Jagaban has demonstrated that his age is but a number and that his capacity much outstrips that of his fellow rivals.

When we live by God’s Word, at old age we gain insight that we can use to help and guide others in need. In the Bible, an elderly Moses confronted Pharaoh for his people’s freedom.

Exodus 7:6-9 So Moses and Aaron did just as the LORD had commanded them. Moses was eighty years old, and Aaron was eighty-three when they made their demands to Pharaoh. Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “Pharaoh will demand, ‘Show me a miracle.’ When he does this, say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and throw it down in front of Pharaoh, and it will become a serpent.’”

Older folks have been through a variety of trials and tribulations that will benefit your spiritual journey. They’ve made mistakes before, and they’ll help you avoid making the same ones.

Job 12:12 says, Wisdom belongs to the aged, and understanding to the old. Tinubu has demonstrated that he possesses sufficient cerebral and physical capacity, as well as being the ideal leader to champion the required changes we seek. Tinubu has demonstrated that age is not just a number, but that wisdom and competence are the most important factors in achieving success.

Tinubu is fully prepared for the position; may we all live long and prosper as a result of our efforts and sacrifices. Amen.


Do You Think Tinubu’s Old Age Is A Testament Of Great Blessing Or A Curse?


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